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Tractorgrease History


   "Tractorgrease is an anagram for Great Creators and this couldn’t be a better description. It’s the creation of musical entrepreneur, chippy Defenseman and multipotentialite Jeff Bonner.  Tractorgrease has been known for its restaurant, live music venue, music studio, sound tech/ stage rentals, multimedia design/installation, and video production"


  I have evolved as the challenges of the music business confronted me.  After building super cool studios and operating the “hippest joint around” the Tractorgrease Cafe, I’m ready for what’s next!  I’d like to thank all of the Great Creators out there that have helped to materialize my visions. You know who you are!!!  

       It all started with a love of music, I worked in retail electronics for 13 yrs pimping out man caves and cars.  My career was going well until my friend Ridley Bent showed up for a visit with a guitar in hand. We were in our late 20’s, he started riffing on tunes around the campfire and I was so envious!! I gave folks the gift of music by selling them stereos but this was way cooler. I borrowed my friend's acoustic guitar and that is where I met my biggest challenge. I grew up doing well in sports and excelling in all my jobs. I was used to picking things up easily but performing tunes on a guitar was hard. I knew my learning would take some time, but I could still have a career in music. I instantly used my knowledge in audio/video to start filming and recording. I volunteered my tech skills doing sound at a cool art studio in Vancouver called The Butchershop Floor. The talent there was unbelievable! Ridley Bent, Steve Dawson, Allison Russell, Cameron Latimer, CR Avery, and many more. As my hobbies grew, I built a studio in my basement and the name Tractorgrease started being kicked around. I was hooked!!!

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