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      I knew this was for me. The next step was to quit my job and pursue my artistic endeavors, which was a popular decision amongst family and friends. HaHa!!!! What was Tractorgrease at this point? It was the graphics I put on my 76 Chevy Van and basically doing anything I could to make money using my talents, which consisted of installing lighting, tv, and sound systems with the odd filming project. But it was okay, I was in the 10000 hour university, honing my skills and waiting for my opportunity. I met Allen Moy, the manager of the legendary band "5440" at the Butchershop.  I was filming the show and he asked if I’d visit Warehouse Studio to film 5440 recording their album. My mantra was “Say Yes to Everything” and I did just that.  I said Yes!

     As a result of my work on that project, many doors opened, mostly internally. I knew I could do it! The shift in me was just beginning. It was around this time that a recording project in my basement studio led to a life-changing moment. I loved listening to music, playing and recording but I had never sang  in front of anyone.  I had learned tunes on guitar, but singing in front of other folks wasn’t an option. Then, in 2004 the NHL decided to lock out the players. As a fan, this would not do. While recording with Jeff Bennett and Jason Kleiss we came up with an idea to write a song called “Do It for the Game”. The song was to protest the lockout. Somehow I was thrown in the vocal booth to sing the song, which was ok as I was with friends and I was in a closet. (Safety Zone). We filmed a video, released the tune and instantly got bombarded with press interest. Global TV called and asked us to perform the song. I had never performed let alone sing in front of anyone at that point and my first live performance ever was on Global National News at 6 pm! Wow! Talk about a shift in fortune.

Butchershop Floor Poster Pic.heif
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