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               Never in my wildest dreams would I think that was the last night of music inside Tractorgrease Cafe. We bent and broke navigating the response to COVID 19. Although we hosted many shows in the Summers of 2020 and 2021 it never felt the same as those packed houses we hosted in the past. Sept 5th was the last show at the Chilliwack Lake Rd location. We rocked the night away and everything ended with an emotional and final performance of Tamihi.  I decided then, that this was not the end of Tractorgrease! 

        I have faced adversity before and this is no different. 20 years ago I put some graphics on my van that said “” I didn’t know what I was up to. I have developed many skills along the way and I am now armed with the passion to create and the abhorrence to losing,  I will forever embark on new adventures.                            


I am a Great Creator and Tractorgrease will live on!!!!

       The amazing staff and a  regular rotation of incredible acts added to the culture, Daniel Wesley, Brian O’Brien, Brandon Isaak, Farm team, CR Avery, The Whiskey Dicks, Bill Bourne, Chicken Like Birds, Blue Moon Marquee, WiL, Salt Thief, The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra, Tiger Moon. There was a relationship between patrons, staff, and performers that was friendly and inclusive. Tractorgrease always focused on community engagement, it felt good and brought awareness to the brand.

        The cafe was a hub for performing artists and patrons who enjoyed live music. The growth continued and in 2020 momentum was building. New festival ideas, cabin rentals, private events, and even a pilot episode of a TV show pitch were all in the works. Nothing could stop the Tractorgrease train! Oh how wrong I was! On March 14th while we were celebrating with a packed and festive St Paddy’s Day with Salt Thief, the news that week was ominous. Things were shutting down to flatten the Covid curve.

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