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Slippery Nickel

I hosted a sweet show at Slocan Lake Arts Centre on Nov 19th 2022. The guest songsmiths, Gemma Luna, Sam Harrison and Christa Rebman were awesome!!! This is one of my newest tunes Slippery Nickel and what a treat it was to have everyone sing along!

I wrote this based on my pal Stringer sayin' "It's a slippery nickel" and it spoke to me. It seems these days nothing makes sense, lots of fishy headlines! There is no idealogy that fits me, no matter the choice it's a slippery nickel. Head or tails it's a slippery nickel.

Slippery Nickel

Back at it at it again

once I’m moving Ya can’t stop this train

Destination groovy times

Get your ticket I got mine

I paid the piper in the biggest way

Petrified piranhas on a rainy day

Feasting on us all like a Big Buffett

Pop filter on the mic censor what I say

Cover it all up with a pink toupee a pink toupee

Back at it at it again

now we’re cruisin’ Ya on A cosmic plane

Time to rock the casbah

and bust some rhymes

Mark it on calendar a couple times

Roger Miller rhymed purple with maple syurple

It ain’t worth shit if it’s missing the pickle

Sit around a fire jamming in a circle

Silver and gold hammer or sickle

Heads or tails it’s a slippery nickel it’s a slippery nickel……………..

Back at it at it again

now we’re grooving’ We’re gonna win this game

Clowns hate mimes

Footloose’ is a crime I

f ya got corona bring lemons or limes

The best things in life they say are free

But ya gotta pay the bands so there’s a fee

Nowhere to park in the big city

Head to the hills too big to climb Hit ya like a punch its a fishy headline

Heads or Tails It's a slippery nickel..........................

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