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Joyridin' in a Winnebago

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

This song was written in spring of 2000, life was simpler then and Winnebegin’ was used to describe all class ‘A” motorhomes. Kinda like “Zamboni or Jacuzzi”.

Now that’s outta the way………

This song started with the loop of a sweet bass line by Jeff Bennett. Ridley Bent and I riffed back and forth with some lyrics and “Bam” it was a song.

“We were dreaming about cruisin’ around in a vintage RV with a huge old steering wheel and the tunes cranked. “Joyridin’ in a Winnebago”

In 2010 I recorded this version with The Tractorgrease Folk and then fast forward to 2022, I now have a vintage RV!!!!!!

The star of the show is this 1976 FMC #994. Here’s some footage of my trip across British Columbia.


Written by Jeff Bonner, Jeff Bennett and Brian Fowler

Recorded at Tractorgrease Studio Jeff Bonner Vox and other stuff

Geoff Eyre Drums, Vox and other stuff

Bill Fulton Bass

Quinn Patterson Guitar, Vox


Joyridin’ in a Winnebago

Slow riding’ in a Winnebago

Joyridin’ in a Winnebago

All the way down to Tierra del Fuego

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