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Drivin' Me Crazy by The Tractorgrease Folk

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

“Well I know in my heart ………..I need this fresh start”

I’ve felt this way a few times , haven’t we all? I wrote this song in 2 stages and recorded it in another. It all started in 2007 when I decided to sell my house to pursue Tractorgrease in a bigger way. The house sold quick and I found myself living on a ranch north of Clinton.

“A city boy in ranch land”

I was working long hours on the Grand Cariboo Opry documentary, and I got to stay in a cool old ranch house with no internet and wood heat. That was the best!!!! I wrote the verses while looking out the frosty December single pane window at the tireless ranchers. Feeling guilty sipping coffee and strumming my Guit box. I got lots done that day, some folks don’t get it.

….. I got a song out of the deal !!!

It wasn’t until 2019 that I revisited what I called “City Boy in Ranchland” and I found myself in similar spot. Lots of bureaucracy, liquor board stuff with the Cafe had me looking for a new recipe of life. I still wanted everything I had, just more time for my creative instincts.

Holy #@$% I didn’t expect this!!!!!!!

March 14th was what I’d mark on the tombstone of Tractorgrease Cafe, that was the last indoor show and it was awesome!!!! Thx Salt Thief!

It’s now 2 years later and after some quiet time to decompress, I know in my heart it’s time for a fresh start.

I marked March 14th 2022 on my calendar this year to start something new.

Recorded Nov 2019 at Tractorgrease Studio

mixed by Jason Kleiss


Hollywood James Badger on drums.

Bad Ass Bill Fulton on Bass

Jeff Bonner Singing and guitar

Kyle Axford on Trumpet.

I filmed and recorded the vocals in Hills BC Feb 2022

Lyrics and Chords for Drivin’ Me Crazy


I’m just a city boy in Ranchland you better bet I need a helping hand


The woods not cut and the hay’s still in the field

It’s winter time and cold as hell

I’ll make it work I know I will

This lands a sword and I ain’t got no shield

F#m A

Well I know…………in my heart

F#m E

I need this fresh start


Get away from the days and the job that pays


The big city haze and jammed highways


Man that shit is Drivin Me Crazy

I’m just a city boy in Ranchland and you better bet it’s hard to brand

This way of life on any uncallused fool.

The sky at night is lit up well with both the dippers

And Orions belt

That big ole moon looking like a sparkling jewel

Well I know…………in my heart

I need this fresh start

Get away from the days and the job that pays

The big city haze and jammed highways

And…….. you’re on your own from here, ha

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