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Video Production, Streaming and Recording

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Tractorgrease has lots of experience capturing the audio/video of live performances. Our ability to live switch 7 camera angles and 48 channels of audio sets us apart. It's been amazing to experience and work with notable artists 5440, Barney Bentall, Tom Wilson, Mother Mother, The Deep Dark Woods, Steve Dawson, Jim Byrnes.

"We said we wouldn't live stream but NEVER say NEVER cuz if there was ever a guy who would figure out how to do it right it's Jeff Bonner, owner-operator of the extraordinary Tractorgrease Cafe and we couldn't be more grateful. Sit back and check out this uncut #livetreamedconcert from last night under the big tent. #ibreakstrings #livemusic #rootsrock #canadianmade WiL - Musician/Performer

As well as many local artists like in this compilation for the Tractorgrease Music 101 Series

Filming and Recording Projects by Tractorgrease Productions

Mississippi Sheiks Tribute Concert

Great concert dvd!!!

Wonderfully filmed concert featuring great musicians.Bob Brozman shines.also features Steve Dawson a favourite slide player of mine who also put the concert together.

“Stephen Worley Music UK"

Lee Harvey Osmond Live at Tractorgrease DVD

It seems a little odd to be talking about a DVD released to chase an album that deserves a much larger audience. Yet Lee Harvey Osmond‘s album A Quiet Evil deserves to be heard and this video Live At Tractorgrease equally deserves to be seen

Artfully shot by a team helmed by director Jeff Bonner, these are bare bones performances that spark new insights into LHO’s songs. It’s that most rare visual accompaniment for music that enhances the experience of the songs. "Paul Cantin. No Depression "

Barney Bentall & the Grand Cariboo Opry

This document of a concert in British Columbia's Cariboo Valley is nicely packaged, with a bonus DVD that gives concert footage showing interviews and background about this new event, the Grand Cariboo Opry; and it is the inclusion of the DVD that saves this from being a completely disposable release. The CD by itself is rather generic, average performances of feel-good country earnestly played to a converted audience; it is only the DVD that manages to convey a sense of the enthusiasm and passion this project inspired in all those involved. The Grand Cariboo Opry is an ensemble-style live concert organized by Canadian music veteran Barney Bentall, and featuring performances by the excellent up-and-coming Vancouver-based alternative country movement -- Ridley Bent, Weady Bird, Leslie Alexander, Kendel Carson, Cameron Latimer, Leeroy Staggers, Barney and his son Dustin Bentall -- all collectively joining together as the Gold Rush All-Stars “Laurie Mercer All Music”

5440 This Is Here This Is Now

filmed live at the Commodore Ballroom

WOW! If your a fan of 54-40 this is a must have. Great live show and a ton of extras. Be sure to watch "a message from our sponsor", very funny.

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