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Tractorgrease Songwriter series with Loud Joe Matheson

Songwriter's Unite!!! is a series of shows presented by Tractorgrease.

It features 3 or 4 songsmiths on the stage sharing their stories and songs.

This playlist showcases the performers that make these live shows so special.

Keep an eye out for more artists on this playlist at the link below:

Here's Loud Joe Matheson with his song "Champagne "

filmed April 1st 2023 at The Gallery in Silverton BC. Here's Loud Joe Matheson with his first video in the Songwriter's Unite series of videos recorded and filmed by Tractorgrease. Joe has been a guest performer at Songwriter's Unite shows more than anyone. Here's his song "Champagne " audio mix and mastering by Tyrell Jordan

Here's Loud Joe Matheson with his song "Just Get to the Chorus"

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