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Tractorgrease = Community

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

When I opened Tractorgrease Cafe in 2014 I took over a local diner that served breakfast to fisherman. My intentions were to get the restaurant running and find someone to lease the place.. It didn't take long for our music nights to turn to magic. My ideas changed, if I'm focusing on music events let's make it the best place around.

I think we did that!!!!!

About a week before Covid shut us down in March 2020 our local MLA John Martin presented my business to the BC Legislature. Thx John for taking such interest in Tractorgrease and sharing our story.

Tourism Chilliwack was a big fan of Tractorgrease. Big thx to them for including us in the Meet the Maker series. This video is a great representation of the community we created up Chilliwack Lake Rd.

Creative Chilliwack is a cool community of creatives that meet every month to discuss the local scene. Thx for including me in my 2nd Pecha Kucha!!!!! This is cool to look back on.

Panning for gold on Youtube I found this from Shaw Cable in 2014. The band I'm recording called The Loose Ends were awesome!!!! This was one of the early projects at the Chilliwack Lake Rd studio.

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