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Hidden in Hills New Music and Video

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

This is the title track from our new album " The Darkness and the Light" by Hidden in Hills.

Here's another tune recorded at the Silverton Sessions in the Gallery Arts building Nov 2022. This song is called "Sweet Summer Rain" and brings the band back to 90's rock. I love it!!!

Here's " Yourside" by Hidden in Hills

That's right folks this new song "Yourside" is released to the world!!!! I'm in a super cool trio called "Hidden in Hills" out of the Slocan Valley in BC. We recorded 8 songs at the Gallery in SIlverton BC in Nov 2022. mixed and overdubbed Winter 2023 by J Kleiss and myself.

After playing music with J in "The DIrt" , "Relic's Jetboat" we're back at it again with Hidden in Hills!!!

Here's some photos by Niekitah Donnet in our jam space in Hills.

Check us out at Bandcamp


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