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Tractorgrease 3.0 - The Tractorgrease Express

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

All Aboard! The bus is leaving the station!!

2020 & 2021. No one can say these were easy years for small business in Canada. Ventures like Tractorgrease relied on bums in the seats, food being shared and beers being drank. Some venues managed to make it through, Tractorgrease did not. Believe me, they tried, but sitting under tents in the cold November rain is a draw only a hard core fan will endure. All this financial uncertainty and stress took its toll and Jeff decided to go back to his roots, back to recording and leave the restaurant and music venue business behind. He has hit the open road in The Tractorgrease Express!! If you recall from the Tractorgrease YouTube Channel there was a series called "The Moss Log Sessions" and that my friends is where this bus is going! This motor coach and its new purpose deserves our attention. Check out this Gem!!

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