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Tractorgrease 2.0 - Leveling Up

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

In May of 2013, Tractorgrease, which started where all great Canadian music starts (in garages and basements) moved out to the amazingly beautiful Chilliwack River Valley. The space Jeff built allowed new artists to find their voice in front of a willing and patient crowd. In addition to the recording studio, indoor and outdoor stages were created and the public was invited to see all the amazing talent we would have never gotten to see or hear before.

These types of venues are very big in the Maritimes, but on the West Coast of Canada, very few venues can come close to what Tractorgrease was supplying. To say this place was magic is an understatement. It filled the hearts of so many. There will be a void for years to come. In a time when we need music to bring us together this place was allowed to fold. There is a lesson here for us all....

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